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Simply “press” before cleaning.

28.8.2012 11:00   Mondsee

Water containing high levels of calcium leaves deposits on shower walls and fittings, in the shower or bath and on tiles. Until now there has only been one way of keeping unsightly limescale at bay – regular wiping after every shower or bath. But the new Quick & Clean limescale protection system puts an end to all that. This practical appliance, with its integrated filter, is easy to mount between the fitting and the shower hose. After a shower or bath, simply press a button to activate the filter system and it will quickly rinse the shower enclosure or bath with soft water, resulting in a brilliant shine without wiping or use of cleaning products. LifeCare Initiative has awarded BWT Quick & Clean its seal of quality as the “Trend Product of the Year 2012”. The judges also gave it the “Best of the Best” golden award in the “Household and Cleanliness” category.


The harder the water that flows out of the tap, the harder it is to combat limescale deposits on glass and plastic shower enclosures, fittings, shower walls and tiles. This results in streaks and deposits in inaccessible areas that build up despite regular cleaning. Cleaning products used to remove limescale often contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, but BWT, Europe’s leading water technology company, can now offer an alternative to laborious bath cleaning and aggressive cleaning agents. The “Quick & Clean” limescale protection system removes limescale deposits from baths and showers at the press of a button, now making onerous cleaning after every shower or bath a thing of the past.


A bright shine in an instant

Quick & Clean consists of a filter housing and filter cartridge and is easy to mount between the fitting and the shower hose. Press a button to activate the limescale protection system and tiles, shower enclosures, fittings, etc. will be rinsed down with filtered, soft water. The result: streak-free cleanliness with no further wiping required. The Quick & Clean filter cartridge lasts for up to three months, depending on the level of water hardness, and cartridges can be replaced manually with little effort and without the use of tools.


An outstanding product

A panel of judges comprising renowned experts and specially selected consumers was asked to test this innovative product from BWT by LifeCare Initiative, an independent organisation that promotes quality of life and sustainability. The system was assessed based on the following criteria: design, innovation, functionality, ease of use, product benefits, ergonomic factors and ecology/sustainability/conservation of resources. The judges were extremely impressed, voting Quick & Clean the “Trend Product of 2012“. The product was also awarded the “Best of the Best” golden award in the “Household and Cleanliness” category.


Free, no-obligation trial

Consumers can now try out the innovative limescale protection system at home without obligation. BWT is offering a 30-day money back guarantee, so that anyone who is not satisfied with Quick & Clean can return it to the manufacturer and request a full refund of the purchase price.


Further information: www.quick-n-clean.com


Note to editor:
The BWT “Quick & Clean” limescale protection system is available at the RRP of €59.99 at selected food retailers, DIY stores, from Amazon (www.amazon.de) and from the BWT online shop (www.bwt-filter.com). Replacement filter cartridges are available priced €14.99 RRP.