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Severin and BWT agree on strategic co-operation

2.9.2010 11:00   Sundern

Severin to provide the finest tasting water with BWT


SEVERIN, the renowned German quality brand for household electrical appliances is expanding its product programme to include water filters for the finest tasting drinking water, coffee and tea. Under a cooperation arrangement in the field of distribution, BWT – Best Water Technology, the European market leader in water technology, will serve as the company’s exclusive supplier of premium water filters.

For the commercial partners of SEVERIN and BWT, this co-operation arrangement offers the possibility of supplying a large area with co-branded premium table water filters, including the unique Magnesium 2+ technology and filter cartridges for coffee machines. In addition to the mutual transfer of know-how, the agreement also provides for common advertising measures and point-of-sale campaigns. In 2011, SEVERIN plans to launch a “powered by BWT” product line, which will be entirely equipped with superior BWT filter technology.

Only 0.8% of a total of 1,386 million cubic metres of water on the world´s surface is available as drinking water in the form of rivers, lakes and ground water. The rest of the water is salt or freshwater made up of glaciers, snow and ice. With more than 2,800 employees in over 70 subsidiaries and affiliates, BWT, on a daily basis, researches, develops and works on innovative solutions for the treatment of 98.5% of the water available globally with the aim of ensuring a maximum degree of safety, hygiene and health in daily contact with our elixir of life.

Thanks to the new BWT ´Best Water´ filter cartridges that are used directly in the water tanks of coffee machines and the BWT ´Perfect Water´ table water filter, all lovers of coffee and tea will benefit. With the BWT MG2+ technology, water is not only filtered, but at the same time enriched with valuable magnesium, offering customers an even more intense and completely new taste experience.

SEVERIN and BWT – the background
“BWT’s water filter solutions are a perfect fit for our portfolio due to their state-of-the-art technology and versatility”, says Stefan Scheurer, director of marketing and distribution at SEVERIN. “That is why we are pleased about partnering with BWT, which knows how to translate its huge knowledge about efficient water treatment into smart product innovations – especially in the area of drinking water filters.” Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO of BWT Group, is also convinced about the new common future: “This co-operation enables us to win over and impress many new customers with the advantages of table water filtration and the finest tasting drinking water and hot drinks – coffee and tea. We are pleased with the trust SEVERIN has placed in us and the high quality standards that our brands have in common.”

„Thanks to BWT’s know-how, we will in future offer innovative alternatives to existing water treatment solutions“, says Stefan Scheurer, director of marketing and distribution at SEVERIN.

Founded in Sundern back in 1892, SEVERIN has been producing and distributing electrical appliances for more than 50 years. Today, more than 2,600 employees work for SEVERIN worldwide. The product programme includes more than 200 electrical appliances including coffee machines, water cookers, toasters, egg cookers, barbecue and raclette grills, mixers, vacuum cleaners, hair and body care products. Together with competent and reliable distribution partners, SEVERIN sells it appliances in more than 80 countries. In France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland, SEVERIN has proprietary sales offices. In addition to the facility in Sundern/Sauerland, there are proprietary production sites in Shenzhen and Panyu, China.
For more information please visit www.severin.de

Enquiry note:
Josef Nußdorfer

BWT-AG Group Communications
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