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Europe's Number 1 in water technology

1.5.2011 6:00   Mondsee

Founded in 1990, the Best Water Technology Group has since become Europe's leading water technology company. Over 2,800 employees at 70 subsidiaries and Group companies are working to provide private, industrial, business, hotel and municipal customers with innovative, economical and ecofriendly water treatment technologies that deliver maximum safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water.


Water – a scarce resource

Water seems to be abundant on Earth. Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Around 97 per cent of the Earth's water is salt water. Because much of the fresh water supply is bound up in glaciers, ice and snow, far less than one per cent of water resources can be used untreated as drinking water. Supplying humankind with clean water thus poses quite a challenge.


Water is both the elixir of life and our most important nutrient.


A healthy adult needs around 2.5 litres of liquid every day to feel healthy and to keep all bodily functions working properly. Every German uses approx. 130 litres of water each day – for personal hygiene, cooking, washing, et cetera. Farmers, businesses and manufacturers need service water for production every single day. However, few people are aware that all food and industrial products contain water consumed in production: 140 litres for a cup of coffee, 5,400 litres for a pair of blue jeans, and an unbelievable 450,000 litres for a car. In the last 100 years, water consumption has risen six-fold and will double again by 2050.


Every day, BWT works to develop innovative solutions for treating our global water supplies. BWT is present almost anywhere water is involved:


  • Drinking water

  • Mineral water

  • Ultrapure water for pharmaceuticals

  • Swimming pool water

  • Heating water

  • Process water

  • Boiler and cooling water

  • Water in air-conditioning units

To maintain its technological edge in all segments of water treatment, employees at the BWT innovation centres research, develop and optimise processes used worldwide to achieve excellent water quality.


Top water quality for consumers


Over 10,000 service employees, plumbers, planners, architects and hygiene experts make up the BWT water partner network. BWT products have proven their worth time and again – at the Point of Entry (PoE) to buildings or at Point of Use (PoU). A broad-based communication campaign will raise consumer awareness of the new table water filters for treating tap water and preparing tea and coffee.


Environmental responsibility


BWT is helping to shape the 21st century's clean supply of energy with unique high-efficiency membranes for fuel cells and batteries. Its research and development experts are applying modern methods to new processes and materials, aiming to develop products that are both ecofriendly and economical. They are particularly focused on reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of new and enhanced products. The company's growth is driven by ecological, economic and social responsibility, the use of state-of-the-art technology and ongoing product enhancement.



BWT - Best Water Technology