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BWT table water filters – simple principle, huge impact

15.5.2011 6:00   Mondsee

BWT table water filters are based on a simple principle: Tap water is poured into the carafe from the top. The water then drips through a replaceable filter cartridge and runs into the water tank. The filtering process – and, with the BWT table water filter, the magnesium-enriching process – takes place inside the cartridge, which is filled with a filter granulate. The BWT filter granulate consists of a blend of activated carbon1 and Mg2+ ion exchangers2. With its large surface structure, the activated carbon binds flavour-impairing substances such as chlorine and chlorine compounds. The ion exchangers absorb calcifying substances like calcium and heavy metals such as lead and copper, thus removing them from the filtered water. In addition, coarse and particulate filters at the cartridge's inlet and outlet remove particles such as lime solids or rust from the water.


Magnesium makes all the difference


The BWT filter granulate with the patented Mg2+ formula increases water's natural magnesium content and discharges magnesium ions into the filtered water in a controlled fashion. The body is supplied with valuable minerals with every sip of water. Plus, the water tastes better, and beverages prepared with the filtered water such as tea and coffee can develop their full aroma thanks to the flavour-carrying magnesium.


Five steps to enjoy the perfect taste and full aroma of drinking water, tea and coffee


1. The coarse filter prevents large particles from entering the prefilter. 
2. A fine gauze filter traps small particles. 
3. The activated carbon1 granulate functions like a magnet, removing substances such as chlorine from the water. 
4. An ion exchanger2 absorbs calcifying substances and heavy metals such as lead and copper and releases magnesium ions into the water. 
5. Finally, the ultra-fine gauze filter prevents particles from escaping into the water.


1Activated carbon 
Activated carbon is a natural product with a porous structure and a large inner surface area. This enables it to absorb, that is, to adhere to, numerous substances contained in water (e. g. chlorine, chlorine compounds). The activated carbon in the BWT filter cartridge produces clean, odour-free and better-tasting water. BWT produces the activated carbon used in its water filters in an eco-friendly manner from coconut shells. 

2Ion exchanger

Ion exchangers are water-insoluble beads with a highly developed porous structure. They have the ability to trap calcifying substances (e. g. calcium ions) and heavy metals such as lead and copper and in exchange release magnesium ions (Mg2+) into the water


longlife Mg2+ Filterkartusche