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BWT receives innovation award for best product novelty

21.5.2010 6:30   Mondsee

BWT – Best Water Technology, the European market leader in water technology, was awarded the first place for product novelties at the occasion of the TechnoPharm 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany.


The „Innovation Award“ was awarded thanks to particular product advantages in innovation, quality, efficiency and economy for users of the new BWT Christ Aqua OSMOTRON® PRO by a judging panel of the renowned professional media Process, PharmaTec and Schüttgut.


With a globally installed number of more than 900 systems, the BWT Christ Aqua OSMOTRON® epitomises the pharmaceutical water plant setting standards for more than 10 years. All plant types for production of Purified Water und Highly Purified Water are characterised by the highest quality standards and microbiological safety as well as special features of ergonomics, energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. Water output is increased to 90 percent and with the revolutionary „Ecosalt“-technology up to 30 percent salt and waste water are saved depending on water quality.


The BWT OSMOTRON®-plant represents the only system worldwide, at which hydrogen, which is produced by every EDI/CDI unit at the cathode, as a product of water electrolysis, is also removed at its place of origin. BWT OSMOTRON® is equipped with catalysts transforming the hydrogen to water vapour in a controlled way together with oxygen. A ventilation unit according to ATEX including piping for the external release of hydrogen is therefore not required for BWT OSMOTRON®-plants.


The EDI (electrodeionisation) module SEPTRON® Biosafe produces Highly Purified Water at a water conversion factor of 100%.


SEPTRON® Biosafe performs a hybrid process with the EDI and UF (Ultrafiltration) process steps in one module. In the SEPTRON® Biosafe, the diluate is processed by Ultrafiltration. SEPTRON® Biosafe is the only globally available EDI that produces product water free of bacteria and particles.


For more information about the comprehensive product range of Christ Aqua Pharma & Biotech please visit www.christaqua.com.


Fachmedien und Kunden:
Stephan Stautmeister, Geschäftsführer Christ Pharma & Life Science GmbH, Vaihingen/Enz, Deutschland, Tel.: +49-(0)7042-910-0, Fax: +49-(0)7042-910377, stephan.stautmeister@christaqua.com


General inquiries:
Andreas Weißenbacher, CEO
Phone: +43 6232 5011 1111

Gerhard Speigner, CFO
Phone: +43 6232 5011 1112 
Josef Nußdorfer, CEFA, Investor Relations & Communications
Phone: +43 6232 5011 1113, Fax +43 6232 5011 1109,
E-Mail: josef.nussdorfer@bwt-group.com
BWT AG, A-5310 Mondsee, Walter-Simmer-Str.