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BWT’s AQA perla voted “Best Product of the Year” 2012

5.9.2012 9:00   Mondsee

Water softening system receives the Plus X Award, the international prize for innovative technologies



The BWT AQA perla water softening system won the judges over in four categories of the most prestigious prize for innovative technologies, sport and lifestyle. The system was considered outstanding, not only in terms of quality and design, but also functionality and ecology, and BWT can now display the “Best Product of the Year” 2012 seal of quality. Every year the Plus X Award recognises innovative quality products that have been developed to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and modern design.

“AQA perla is BWT’s revolutionary technology for silky soft BWT pearlescent water. It sets new standards for maximum resource-savings, both to keep costs down and to protect the environment. Its intelligent, precision salt-addition system, with pressure-independent regeneration that minimises the use of rinsing water, and its patented al-ternating operating system combine to provide perfect, healthy drinking water at low operating costs. The development of the AQA perla system has enabled us to offer homeowners ground-breaking solutions for the effective and efficient removal of lime-scale, the scourge of water conduits, pipes and household appliances. We are proud of our award and delighted that the product we have developed also convinced the judges at Plus X,” says Lutz Hübner, CEO of BWT Austria.

Limescale deposits build up wherever there is flowing or standing water, resulting in calcified pipes and limescale in water installations, household appliances and fittings. The AQA perla water softening system from BWT, Europe’s leading water technology company, reduces the level of calcium in the water and turns it into silky soft BWT pearlescent water.

Protect with AQA perla

Limescale deposits in water conduits, heat exchangers and appliances shorten the life of essential and expensive domestic installations and increase the time spent cleaning and maintaining them. Soft water produced by the water softening system provides effective protection against limescale and leaves everything with a permanent shine. AQA perla protects the entire domestic water system and all the appliances connected to it (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) against limescale build-up. This prolongs the life of your system and leaves it cleaner, and therefore more hygienic.

AQA perla reduces costs

This isn’t the only reason why it’s worth investing in our water softening system. Even a 2mm-thick calcium deposit on heating surfaces in the heat exchanger of a tank or boiler can increase energy use by up to 20%. The AQA perla system reduces calcium depos-its and therefore lowers energy consumption. As well as reducing energy costs, it also cuts the use of washing and cleaning materials by 50%.

Skin care with AQA perla

But AQA perla has much more to offer. Anyone who enjoys the feeling of silky soft pearlescent water on their skin will never again want to miss out on this feel-good ex-perience! Soft water is kind to the skin and leaves hair beautifully smooth and shiny. When you step out of the shower you will be greeted by a soft, fluffy towel that has been washed in soft water in your washing machine.

Easy installation and simple operation

The duplex water softening system works using the ion exchange process, where the calcium and magnesium ions dissolved in the “hard water” are removed, thereby sof-tening the water. The system complies with the specifications of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) and all related national and in-ternational standards. AQA perla can be installed easily by a contractor and is very simple to use.


Product information: BWT AQA perla Water softening system

Press images:         Domestic technology - BWT AQA perla