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Water technology

Beauty begins with water

15.4.2014 8:00   Mondsee

Creams and lotions with hi-tech active ingredients from perfumeries, or silicon-free hair oils, shampoos and treatments. When it comes to making our skin and hair look beautiful and healthy, we spare no effort or expense. However, if the tap water is too hard, expensive cosmetics and ingredients in pots are largely ineffective.


If the skin is scaly and hair lacks lustre and body, the first instinct for many people is to apply treatments using suitable care products like creams and foams – not always successfully. Skin and hair care starts with clean water, straight from the tap. “Hard water with a high calcium content combined with soap, produces a build-up of insoluble salts known as ‘soap scum’, which adheres to the skin and hair,” says skin specialist Dr. Alice Weyl. This is why the essential active ingredients in cosmetics and care products fail to achieve their full effect and are wasted. “However, when using soft water, care products containing cosmetics are more easily absorbed by the skin and do not get, quite literally, washed away. “You also need less shampoo and fewer other care products, which means you preserve the environment and save money at the same time,” says Lutz Hübner, Managing Director of BWT in Germany and Austria.


Relief from dermatitis

Not only does soft water make your hair shinier and your skin more supple, it has medicinal properties too. Soft water can alleviate the itching that accompanies conditions such as atopic dermatitis or eczema, says Dr. Weyl. Even elderly people who suffer from extremely dry skin – also known as exsiccation dermatitis – can benefit from the positive effects of limescale-free, soft water. Soft water also produces a genuine wellness effect, as the pressure receptors in the subcutaneous tissue respond to soft water and send signals of wellbeing to the brain. There are other benefits too: laundry will require less washing powder and you may never need to use fabric softener again! Kitchen appliances remain free of limescale, maintenance costs are reduced and unsightly scale deposits on fittings and shower screens after showering become a thing of the past.


Converting from hard to soft

Householders who want to check the water hardness level of their domestic drinking water can obtain the relevant data from their local water company or from BWT’s website via the water hardness search facility for Germany and Austria. In addition, special test strips can indicate the hardness level, and BWT has designed specific soft water systems to soften the domestic water supply, e.g. BWT’s AQA perla. This device uses the classic ion-exchange method to reduce total hardness by passing the water through an ion exchange column filled with special resin. This facilitates the natural exchange of hardness-forming ions with sodium ions – which is how hard water is converted to silky-soft pearl water. The limescale-free water will now enable users to apply advanced active ingredients, lotions and creams to their skin and hair to achieve truly beneficial effects.

Soft water makes your skin softer and able to absorb creams more effectively


Seidenweiches Perlwasser Haare Soft water for shiny hair


The AQA perla from BWT – for noticeably soft skin, silky hair and a clean shower