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TV commercial: BWT does that for me!

BWT returns to the TV screen with an attention-grabbing ad campaign

14.10.2013 0:00   Mondsee

Europe's leading water technology company is launching its biggest advertising and sales initiative ever in the Austrian water treatment market with the strapline "BWT does that for me!"


This is the first time BWT has used TV advertising to target the domestic market. Prime-time image and product commercials will air on ORF and other commercial TV stations in the autumn, promoting the BWT E1 single-lever filter, the Mg2+ Gourmet water filter and the water softening system, AQA perla. In addition, BWT has devised an attractive advertising package for partner installers that includes an extensive campaign of ads, PR and social media initiatives. Its aim is to continue building BWT brand awareness among end-consumers.


The 30-second commercial shows water flowing from its source, via a stream, into the domestic water system, where it becomes inextricably linked with our daily life. Atmospheric images and soulful piano music set an emotive tone. A female voice-over asks: "Who removes limescale and keeps my shower clean? And who softens my bath and shower water and makes my skin glow and my hair shine?" And the answer the end of the ad: "BWT does that for me!"


The 4 x 15-second product commercials highlight the relative benefits of the products. Image and product commercials in various languages will be broadcast separately.


The idea for the campaign came from the Linz agency Rückenwind e U. The backdrop is the Gradonna mountain resort of Kals am Grossglockner where the ad campaign was designed. Commenting on the choice of Casameda for the shoot, Linz agency art director Günter Kaser says: "The resort and its surroundings are ideal for conveying the emotional world of the commercial and the longing for perfect water.” Fritz Steipe was responsible for the on-site filming. "The other crucial factor in the quality of the commercials was to find the right actress, who had to be both a great model and a good actress, because the client wanted the same face to feature in the commercials and the ads. Melanie Oertig fulfilled the casting brief to perfection," adds Kaser.


“We wanted the campaign to show that BWT’s products represent the best water quality in every aspect of everyday life“, explains Lutz Hübner, MD of BWT Austria GmbH. BWT’s products are sold via multiple layers of wholesalers and installers, which means that many end-consumers don’t actually know the name of the market leader in water technology and its associated products. But, adds Hübner “This is what we want to change.”


The TV commercials alone, which will air in the autumn on ORF and other commercial channels, will generate 20 million consumer contacts by the end of the year. 4 million more contacts from printed ads in magazines and special interest publications are set to further increase brand awareness. The media planning is being handled by Vienna-based agency Media Plus.


BWT partner companies will also benefit from the campaign, because the ads, TV commercials and the BWT homepage www.bwt.at will list BWT’s installation partners. Potential customers will be able to find an installer in their area and contact the participating partner companies direct. The communications package is rounded off by POS promotion material and regional advertising for installers, as well as social media and PR activities, all managed by Hamburg PR agency ad publica.