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BWT reports results for the first half of 201726.9.2017 Mondsee: Revenues: €340.1 million, (previous year: €308.7 million) EBIT: €8,4 million (previous year: €18,1 million) Earnings after non-controlling interests: €5.9 million (previous year: €12.7 million)   In ...read more
Shareholders resolve upon squeeze-out at BWT Aktiengesellschaft14.8.2017 Mondsee: Upon request of WAB Privatstiftung as majority shareholder of BWT Aktiengesellschaft, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of BWT Aktiengesellschaft today resolved upon the squeeze-out of the minority shareholders ...read more
WAB Privatstiftung and management board of BWT Aktiengesellschaft determine EUR 16,51 as cash compensation per share for minority shareholders11.7.2017 Mondsee: The management board of WAB Privatstiftung as majority shareholder of BWT Aktiengesellschaft and the management board of BWT Aktiengesellschaft today jointly determined the appropriate cash compensation ...read more
WAB Privatstiftung request for squeeze-out at BWT14.4.2017 Mondsee: Today, WAB Privatstiftung submitted a request pursuant to section 1 et seqq of the Austrian Squeeze-out Act (Gesellschafterausschlussgesetz – GesAusG) to BWT Aktiengesellschaft that the General Meeting ...read more
BWT Aktiengesellschaft enlarges Executive Board13.3.2017 Mondsee: The Supervisory Board of BWT Aktiengesellschaft decided to appoint Ralf Weber as Member of the Executive Board of the company starting from 1st May 2017. In order to meet the challenges of the further ...read more
Revenues exceed €600 million for the first time7.3.2017 Mondsee: Revenues: €610.4 million (up 14.0%)  EBIT: €17.4 million (down 9.9%)  Consolidated earnings after taxes: €9.4 million (up 6.0%) Proposed dividend: Unchanged year on year at €0.20 per share  Equity ...read more
BWT appoints COO for Point of Use Division30.12.2016 Mondsee: BWT – Europe’s leading water treatment company appoints Mr. Gerald Steger as Member of the Executive Board. Starting from 1st April 2017, he will become Chief Operating Officer (COO) and be responsible ...read more
FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage GMBH intends public voluntary offer pursuant to §§ 4 ff of the takeover act (Übernahmegesetz) to the shareholders of BWT Aktiengesellschaft4.11.2016 Mondsee: Today at 7:11am, BWT Aktiengesellschaft received the following information:   Publication pursuant to § 5 (3) of the Takeover Act (Übernahmegesetz)   The management board of FIBA Beteiligungs- und ...read more
FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage Gmbh beabsichtigt freiwilliges öffentliches Angebot gemäß §§ 4 Ff Übernahmegesetz an die Aktionäre der BWT Aktiengesellschaft4.11.2016 Mondsee: Die BWT Aktiengesellschaft erhielt heute um 7.11 Uhr folgende Mitteilung:   Öffentliche Bekanntmachung gemäß § 5 (3) Übernahmegesetz.   Die Geschäftsführung der FIBA Beteiligungs- und Anlage GmbH (FN ...read more
BWT reports results for the first half year of 201627.9.2016 Mondsee: Revenues: €308.7 million, previous year: €265.7 million EBIT: €18.1 million, previous year: €15.2 million Earnings after non-controlling interests: €12.7 million, previous year: €9.5 million In ...read more