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FIBA GmbH Submits Application and Proposed Resolution
for the 2015 Annual General Meeting Pursuant to Section 109 AktG

6.3.2015 12:00   Mondsee

On 5 March 2015, the Management Board of BWT Aktiengesellschaft received the following application and proposed resolution pursuant to Section 109 AktG for the Annual General Meeting to take place in Mondsee on 25 August 2015:


1. Agenda item to be announced


“Resolution on the merger of BWT Aktiengesellschaft by the transfer of its assets in their entirety to a stock corporation yet to be founded as receiving company (merger by absorption) and approval of the conclusion of the merger agreement to effect the delisting of the BWT share from the Vienna Stock Exchange.”


2. Proposed resolution


With regard to this agenda item, the applicant as a shareholder proposes that the company’s Annual General Meeting adopt a resolution on the merger as described in the agenda item.


The full text of the application and explanation is available on the BWT AG website.