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Filter cartridges

The Magnesium Mineralizer filter cartridge with the patented BWT magnesium technology forms the centrepiece of the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter range. The magnesium-rich drinking water brings out the full aroma of tea and coffee, and its gourmet taste can also be enjoyed as pure water.


Magnesium – more taste and increased wellbeing


More taste with the magnesium 

The mineral magnesium is a flavour-carrier. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter releases magnesium ions into the water that replace the calcium that contributes to the total water hardness. The magnesium-enriched drinking water brings out the full aroma of tea and coffee and, with its gourmet taste, is also totally satisfying when drunk on its own. The magnesium gives it a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour.


Increased wellbeing

Magnesium is a mineral often lacking in our food chain, due both to our modern eating habits and the fact that foods nowadays naturally contain lower levels of magnesium. The recommended daily intake is approximately 300 mg – and should be even higher in situations of stress. Those who drink BWT water exclusively in order to consume the 2 litres of water per day, as recommended by nutrition experts, will automatically be supplying their body with around 20% of their daily magnesium requirement. During the filtration process the hardness agent, calcium, is replaced with precious magnesium, making the filtered water physiologically much more beneficial to humans compared to previous techniques, while providing a unique taste experience.


Improved performance

Our cells in particular contain magnesium, where the mineral activates the enzyme systems that are very important for regulating energy metabolism. A sufficient quantity of magnesium in the body significantly boosts our physical and mental performance whereas, with a magnesium deficiency, we quickly become tired, tense, anxious and lethargic. BWT filtered water helps us maintain our daily magnesium requirement.