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Become a water gourmet!Use BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filters with unique magnesium technology
for a daily drinking water sensation and a full tea and coffee aroma.
Have you had enough of limescale
deposits and soap residues in
your shower and bath?
Simply press the button to clean with
BWT Quick & Clean, the revolutionary
limescale protection filtration system.
more about Quick & Clean
Table water filters & filter cartridges
Undersink filters
Limescale protection system for the shower & bath

Why filter water?

There are many good reasons for filtering water, and BWT can provide numerous products for the purpose. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter is the only filter that reduces the calcium and taste-inhibiting substances in tap water, while adding the precious mineral magnesium. This takes place in the filter cartridge using magnesium technology. The Magnesium Mineralizer filter cartridge, the core of the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter, is also available as the ‘Magnesium Mineralizer Balance filter cartridge’. It also removes the small quantity of silver particles released during the filtration process. The filtered water is notable for its taste, and brings out the full aroma of tea and coffee.


BWT Filter System



Convenience and safety from BWT

But BWT products not only prove their worth in the kitchen, but in the bathroom too. Water with a high calcium content leaves deposits on shower walls and fittings, resulting in laborious cleaning and the rapid deterioration of the facilities. But when the domestic water is treated with BWT AQA total Energy, the calcium remains in the water, which is good for our drinking water and our household appliances, because with the latest BWT technology, no limescale can form in the pipe system. The bath and shower are not protected, however, and the same problem also occurs in households where no treatment is implemented to provide perfect water quality.

This problem is solved in an instant with the smallest BWT limescale protection systems, the BWT Quick & Clean. The compact device can be installed under the fittings and, at the press of a button, limescale-free water flows from the tap. The maximum efficiency resulting from this is combined with an unprecedented feeling of cleanliness – the bath and shower gleam and shine with the minimum of effort and without the use of chemicals. And no deposits or streaks are left behind.

BWT will always have the optimum solution for you, not only for your ease of use, but also in terms of hygiene and safety. Drinking, cooling and air-conditioning water in building installations should never pose any health risks to humans. However, many factors affect the proliferation of bacteria in drinking and process water systems. There are regular reports of Legionella outbreaks, and in Germany there are 6,000 cases of the illness a year, with a morality rate of 20 %. The most common sources of infection are public showers, swimming pools, whirlpools and air humidifiers. As drinking water is not sterile, Legionella may be present in any type of drinking water. Infection arises when water droplets contaminated with Legionella are inhaled (aerosols) or when Legionella-contaminated water accidentally enters the trachea.

Basically, any individual can succumb to a Legionella infection, and those particularly at risk are individuals under stress, athletes, people who are travelling, the elderly or infirm, heavy smokers or those with high alcohol consumption. BWT ensures your safety, because with the BWT B-SAFE safety filters you can protect your shower water against Legionella and various other bacteria and protozoa (e.g. amoeba in which Legionella proliferate).

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