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BWT - Perfect Water

The BWT table water filter for effective protection against limescale

The carbonate hardness in tap water causes limescale to form in your domestic appliances and can shorten their service life. A BWT table water filter can remedy this, as it reduces the calcium content of the filtered water. The results are immediate: limescale deposits will no longer form in your household appliances.
If there is enough calcium present, it will be in balance with the carbon dioxide contained in the water. If the water is then heated, the carbon dioxide escapes, suddenly creating an excess of dissolved calcium in the water and the balance is disrupted. To restore the equilibrium, the excess calcium is released from the water and is deposited on the heating surface of your boiler or kettle.
BWT table water filters provide permanent protection for household appliances against limescale, and therefore ensure that coffee and espresso machines and kettles last longer.