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Water filter
Limescale protection
Heating protection

The best quality water for your home

National water treatment plants and water companies deliver perfectly clean, safe drinking water. Often, however, maintenance work and new connections to local water supply systems are necessary, causing contaminants and rust particles to enter domestic installations. In many parts of the world, where the water is particularly hard, household systems also suffer from an unwelcome build-up of limescale deposits. The consequences are not only unsightly but may also prove costly, ranging from expensive repairs, increased energy costs and clogged pipes to limescale build-up in household appliances and unattractive deposits on fittings and shower heads and in the shower itself.


The requirements for drinking water are also specified in various EU guidelines and drinking water regulations. These stipulate, among others, that drinking water should be colourless, clear, cool, odourless, pleasant-tasting and enjoyable to drink. It must also be free of pathogens and pose no risks to health.



As Europe’s leading water technology company, we and our market partners in the installer and retail sector can provide perfect water treatment solutions for domestic drinking water. They are designed for people who value hygiene and want to protect all their water installations and appliances against foreign particles, limescale and corrosion, and who also rely on a high level of water quality at the various outlets in the home.


As an all-round partner, BWT can supply all products relating to water treatment technology, from the correct installation and essential filtration technology to the vital ion exchanger and alternative limescale and corrosion protection technology.

BWT E1 single-lever filter

With BWT’s new E1 single-lever filter the water is very easy to shut off and the filtration unit can be replaced in seconds.  more about the E1 single-lever filter