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BWT - Perfect Water

BWT AQA solar – soft water for efficient solar heating

The use of freely-available solar energy for heating water represents substantial energy-saving potential for domestic users. However the heat exchanger can become calcified if the hard water used for the system contains high levels of calcium, which considerably reduces the solar system’s efficiency.

The BWT AQA solar soft water system is specifically designed for use in solar heating systems, offering two qualities of water hardness:

  • Quality 1 ('solar soft water' with ≥8,4°dH)
    provides perfect water for efficient solar heating.
  • Quality 2 ('cold water' with ≤0,6-4°dH)
    additionally provides all the benefits of soft water to the whole house – sparkling dishes, gleaming bathrooms, protection for taps, pipes and household appliances, and that wonderful feeling of soft water in the shower and bath.