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BWT - Perfect Water

Silky-soft BWT pearl water for a brilliant shine in the kitchen

With the water softening system, AQA perla, BWT delivers innovative technology to change hard water into silky-soft pearl water. Limescale deposits in household appliances – i.e. in your dishwasher, coffee machine or kettle – will be a thing of the past with softened water. Soft water also produces gleaming crockery and sparkling glasses.
Not only is AQA perla an investment that pays off. A 2mm coating of limescale on heat exchangers increases energy use by up to 20%, but AQA perla can reduce the build-up of limescale, thus lowering consumption. Besides cutting energy costs, you will also reduce the consumption of washing and cleaning agents that harm both the environment and your pocket. And, if that isn’t enough, silky-soft BWT water will leave your skin soft and your hair shiny and smooth after a bath or shower and your laundry will feel fluffy and cuddly.