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UV technology from BWT Effective pathogen reduction using ecological
water treatment.


Ecological pathogen reduction with BWT disinfection systems


Today, an increasing number of processes can be implemented without the use of chemicals. Drinking water is the most important ‘nutrient’ for humans, and is therefore subject to statutory regulations to ensure it has no adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of consumers. The most important requirement is that drinking water should be free of pathogens and pose no health risks. BWT’s disinfection systems offer an extensive product portfolio for treated water for use in many types of application. 


BWT Disinfection


  • Ventilation systems
    Room air that is recycled is often a hidden source of infection, so air scrubbers and humidifiers require special attention. UV disinfection, using the BWT PairOx system, is an extremely efficient disinfection process that involves no harmful side-effects; it not only reduces the quantity of pathogens present (i.e. Legionella) in the humidification water, but also destroys the biofilm.


  • Cooling towers
    Biocides are often added to cooling water at irregular intervals to reduce the number of pathogens. Alternatively, a more environmentally-friendly method of disinfection can be used, like Coolzon, which introduces ozone into the cooling water.


  • UV disinfection in the food & drink and pharmaceutical industries
    The water used to manufacture drinks, food and pharmaceutical products must comply with the relevant legal and hygiene standards, and consumers generally expect the products they purchase to have a long shelf-life. UV disinfection guarantees the microbiological safety of the production water.



  • Pathogen-free process water
    Pathogen-free water is required for many processes. UV disinfection with a correspondingly high dosage of UVC can achieve the required level of pathogen reduction.


  • Pathogen-free process ultrapure water

    UV disinfection is used at various points during the production of ultrapure water, both before and after the actual water treatment, to prevent the sporadic ingress of pathogens.


  • Legionella prevention in hot water circuits
    Legionella lurking in hot water circuits is an ever-present danger that can cause serious illness with sometimes fatal consequences. . It can be remedied with systems designed to prevent, kill and/or remove Legionella in contaminated hot water circuits, along with professional advice from our expert consultants.


Information about Legionella