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BWT bestiron

Product information

  • Multi-stage filtration system for eliminating iron from drinking water
  • Innovative filtration material made from modified synthetic fibres
  • Improves the sensory quality of water that has a high iron content
more product details

BWT bestiron is an innovative filtration system for removing dissolved iron. Iron can ruin the taste of water. This is a new, modified, synthetic fibre adsorber with a novel, innovative ion exchanger that uses a highly selective process to bind the iron and remove it from the water. Its activated carbon fleeces also remove organic “off-flavour” elements and chlorine from the mains water. The filtration process results in water of a high sensory quality, suitable for a range of applications.

Benefits of the BWT bestiron at a glance:

  • Innovative adsorber technology for removing iron from drinking water
  • High capacity and specificity
  • No release of iron after an extended period of inactivity
  • Low-maintenance filtration solution
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