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BWT bestlead

Product information

  • Multi-stage filtration system for eliminating lead from drinking water
  • Innovative filtration material made from modified synthetic fibres
  • Protection for consumers in older buildings with lead water supply systems
more product details

BWT bestlead is an innovative filtration system for removing toxic lead from contaminated tap water. This special filter is the first of its type in the world to have a modified synthetic fibre adsorber that bonds and removes all traces of lead and other metal ions, such as Cu2+ or Zn2+, from drinking water. Its activated carbon fleeces also remove unwanted organic taste and smell elements from the mains water. The filtration process results in pure water with a high sensory quality, suitable for a range of applications.

Benefits of BWT bestlead at a glance:

  • Innovative adsorber technology for removing lead from contaminated drinking water
  • High capacity and specificity
  • No release of lead after an extended period of inactivity
  • Low-maintenance filtration solution
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