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BWT AQA life

Product information

  • Proven AQA perla technology in a compact design
  • Also suitable for under-the-counter installation
  • 24 hours of soft water production for 1–12 people
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BWT AQA life – safety and convenience in very restricted locations

Customers with limited space in their cellar or with just a single utility room can now also enjoy BWT’s sophisticated water technology. The compact AQA life model, with its performance designed with the single family household in mind, can be installed almost anywhere. Created as a duplex pendulum system and with proven AQA perla technology, AQA life delivers silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water 24 hours a day. Its small dimensions and compactness make it suitable for under-the-counter installation.

Incomparable wellbeing with silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water

BWT AQA life provides wonderfully silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water, which you can feel in the bath. Even after your shower, the soft water continues to have an effect − your skin will be noticeably soft and silky and your hair will shine and feel velvety soft.

BWT’s silky-soft ‘pearl’ water also helps maintain your entire plumbing system. It protects your bath, shiny fittings and attractive tiles from unsightly limescale deposits, while the need for cleaning is reduced to a minimum. Pipework is protected against hazardous limescale deposits; therefore your pipes and sanitary installations will have a significantly longer service life and require less maintenance.

AQA life – a revolutionary, new technology

The duplex soft water system, AQA life, works with the proven AQA perla technology. The alternating operating mode enables user to specify the required capacity in column 2 while regeneration is taking place in column 1. This ensures that AQA life can deliver ‘pearl’ water round the clock while guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene.

The integrated, ‘soft control’ electronic controller makes using and operating the AQA life extremely easy. Its innovative precision salination and short, economical regeneration cycles reduce consumption of salt and rinsing water.

AQA life supplies up to 12 people with soft water 24 hours a day. As the 25kg capacity tank containing the regeneration agents is only half the size of the AQA perla system, the AQA life takes up even less space.

A 4-person household consumes an average of 200 cubic metres of water a year. With a raw water hardness of 20 °dH and a reduction in water hardness of 8° dH, the AQA life consumes around 98kg of regeneration agents annually. The regeneration tank therefore needs to be refilled no more than four times a year.

Main features:

  • Softening or partial softening of potable and non-potable water using the ion exchange process
  • Fully automatic duplex softening system
  • Microprocessor controller for maximum user-friendliness
  • Storage capacity for 25kg of regeneration agents
  • Economical regeneration due to precision salination
  • DVGW certification
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