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BWT AQA perla

Product information

  • Soft water 24/7 with an alternating operating mode
  • Resource-saving operation through precision salination and maximum user-friendliness
  • Suitable for a 1–12 person household and periods of peak demand
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BWT AQA perla – silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water for increased wellbeing

Imagine turning on the tap and a gentle stream of silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water pours forth, stroking your hand, feeling pleasantly soft. Every shower and bath becomes a wellness experience. From there you slip swiftly into an incomparably fluffy bath robe, because your weekly washes will also become softer with silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water.

Silky-soft water protects your bathroom and kitchen

Limescale deposits on shower walls, tiles and fittings are not only unsightly, but also shorten their service life. Soft BWT ‘pearl’ water can prevent this and help maintain the value of your bathroom. The build-up of limescale also affects the pipework and the entire water system, with dramatic and very expensive consequences. The only recommended way to deal with hard water is to install the DVGW-certified soft water system AQA Perla!

Highly efficient technology for greater comfort

Like all BWT soft water systems, AQA is also based on the classic ion exchange process – including many technological features such as precision salination, ‘smart’ metering or the multi-info touch screen for maximum user-friendliness.

AQA perla uses the unique alternating operating mode for duplex soft water systems that monitors volume and hygiene levels. BWT optimises the adapted operating mode to significantly shorten the operating time of the softening columns, which essentially means that each column is managed by microprocessors and activated separately at shorter intervals. Any excessively hard water will therefore flow alternately over both columns.

The minimal operating time, using the short-time operating mode, ensures maximum hygiene safety. Once the pre-set residual capacity has been reached, the first column takes over the operation while the second column switches into regeneration mode. This means that the water never remains in any one column for very long, but is constantly moving and remains incredibly fresh.

Very informative and extremely easy to use

The AQA perla soft water system’s mode of operation is the lowest consumer of resources, with its combination of intelligent brine extraction (precision salination) and pressure-regulated regeneration patterns. When AQA perla is switched on, a self-test is automatically performed on all the relevant system functions. In addition, a hygienic rinse can be programmed to take place after a long period of inactivity, similar to the backwash filter and filter replacement reminders. The domestic water supply is checked for slow running, e.g. when caused by a fault in the domestic plumbing system using the Aqua-Watch facility and a warning is issued in the event of failure or an unusual water consumption pattern.

A graphic touch panel also simplifies the operation to enable users to consult all the important system parameters. For example, the flow volume is displayed in l/h while the system is operating and the residual capacity in litres, which can also be shown as bar charts. The graphics can also offer the installer an easy way of displaying his individual contact data, e.g. phone numbers, on the screen as permanent still image.

Silky-soft luxury that saves you money

The new smart metering function is particularly interesting; all consumption and flow rate data is recorded by the microprocessor controls and can be read via a USB interface. In addition to the consumption data (maximum flow rate over the previous 24 hours, average of maximum flow rate), salt consumption and the total number of regenerations, users can generate a weekly profile for each calendar week. These intelligent functions help reduce operating costs and minimise the consumption of salt and rinsing water.

AQA perla supplies up to 12 people with soft water 24 hours a day with no supply shortfall, even at periods of peak demand. Refilling is only rarely required with the high-capacity 50kg regeneration tank. A 4-person household consumes an average of 200 cubic metres of water a year. With a raw water hardness of 20° dH and a reduction in water hardness of 8° dH, the AQA perla consumes around 88kg of regeneration agents per annum. The regeneration tank therefore needs to be refilled no more than twice a year.

Main features:

  • Softening or partial softening, of potable and non-potable water, using the ion exchange process
  • Fully automatic duplex softening system
  • Soft Control T – a new, intelligent controller
  • Multi-info touchscreen for maximum user-friendliness
  • Smart metering – consumption values always visible
  • Aqua Watch – alarm function for flagging unusual water consumption patterns
  • Economical regeneration due to precision salination
  • USB interface for transferring consumption data
  • Storage capacity for 50kg of regeneration agents
  • DVGW certification
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