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BWT AQA smart

Product information

  • Compact single-column soft water system
  • Can be adapted to the water needs of users or hard water conditions
  • Soft water for 1–4 dwellings or for 1-8 people
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BWT AQA smart – the space-saver par excellence among soft water systems

The single-column AQA smart soft water system, with its newly developed process management facility, combines quality of life and convenience with economy and efficiency. The special feature of the AQA smart is that it is actually three softeners in one. Three different capacity settings (9, 13 and 18 m³ x °dH) are available via the controller. AQA smart is therefore suitable for water requirements where there are genuine water hardness problems.

Improve wellbeing and save money with the most efficient technology

AQA smart therefore converts hard water into silky-soft BWT ‘pearl’ water. You can feel the difference. Your skin is noticeably softer and your hair shinier and smoother. And that’s not all. The use of soft water in your washing machine will make your wash feel gorgeously fluffy. The AQA smart will also protect your household appliances, pipework, tiles, fittings and shower walls against limescale deposits. This not only helps them last longer and reduces energy costs, but simultaneously avoids the need for cleaning as the simple turn of a handle produces a beautiful shine.

Efficiency and technology are the top priorities

Using AQA smart, relatively larger regeneration capacities consume less of the regeneration agents and significantly minimise the amount of regeneration water used. AQA smart is managed via a simple, logical-to-use, electronic control unit. Its intelligent volume-sensitive, variable regeneration is an exceptional piece of technology. On start-up, the available supply of soft water is programmed in (depending on the hardness of the raw water). A precision flow rate meter (‘brine meter’) can allocate the exact, small amount of brine needed for partial regeneration. You can set the time (e.g. 2am) when check is run to ascertain if the remaining soft water supply is still sufficient for the next day. If not, then – without disposing of the remaining soft water – the softening column regenerates up to 100% of the soft water supply. Variable regeneration reduces consumption of the regeneration agents and flushing water to the prescribed technical minimum, making significant cuts in operating costs.

AQA smart’s regeneration tank holds 15kg. A 4-person household consumes an average of 200 cubic metres of water a year. With an untreated water hardness from 20° dH, a reduction in water hardness of up to 8° dH and a set capacity level of 1, the AQA smart consumes annually around 94kg of regeneration agents. The regeneration tank must therefore be refilled 6-7 times per annum.

Main features:

  • Softening and partial softening of potable and non-potable water, using the ion exchange process
  • Fully automatic simplex softening
  • 3 capacity level settings available
  • Suitable for up to 3 dwellings
  • Intelligent, volume-dependent regeneration
  • Microprocessor controller for maximum user-friendliness
  • Storage capacity for 15kg of regeneration agents
  • DVGW-certified 
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