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BWT AQA solar

Product information

  • Compact single-column soft water system
  • Perfectly compatible with solar heating systems
  • Soft water for 1–4 dwellings
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BWT AQA solar – efficient soft-water solar heating

Large numbers of energy- and environment-conscious homeowners are already using the free energy currently available from the sun to supplement their heating or hot water system. However, what often goes unnoticed is that the sun’s energy may be substantially under-exploited if the heat-exchangers scale up due to hard water. The solution is a solar heating system linked to a tailored soft water system, offering the added benefit of soft water for the whole house.

Soft water versus ‘energy-inhibiting’ limescale

An ‘energy inhibitor’ is normally regarded in a positive light; if you use less energy you save money. And even the energy inhibitor, limescale, has been used to advantage since time immemorial. We still use the insulating properties of lime cement (exterior plaster) and gypsum (interior plaster) in house-building, which keep the house cool in the summer, while the heat escapes less quickly in the winter. However, it’s a very different matter if the heat has to be conducted from one side of a wall to the other with minimum heat loss – and all heat exchangers work in this way – limescale is then literally an undesirable ’energy inhibitor’.

Excessively hard water - the enemy of every solar heating system

The soft water system AQA solar has been designed specially to address these needs. AQA solar offers a range of water qualities through two different outlets. One water outlet delivers perfect water (≤ 0.6-4° dH) for an efficient heat exchange process in solar technology.

The second outlet provides the addition of cool drinking water (≥8.4° dH), which provides the whole house with all the benefits of soft water − gleaming crockery, an attractive, highly polished bath, protection for your fittings, pipework and appliances (washing machines, dishwashers and coffee makers), lower consumption of washing and cleaning agents, and a wonderful sensation of soft water in the shower and bath.

In all modes of operation, decalcified soft water prevents ‘heat exchange wall insulation’ to ensure both efficient heat exchange and the correct return temperature. BWT also sets new standards of efficiency with the AQA solar regeneration process − precision salination and the ability to create a bespoke regeneration timetable ensure minimum consumption of both water and regeneration agents.

BWT AQA perla and AQA life – now upgradable with the AQA solar module

If you already have an AQA perla or AQA life soft water system installed, these can be easily retrofitted with the AQA solar module. You can use this module, which is connected directly to your soft water system, to access two different water qualities and so benefit from a long-lasting, efficient solar heating system.

Main features:

  • Softening and partial softening of potable and non-potable water using the ion exchange process
  • Fully automatic simplex softening
  • Perfect fit with solar heating systems
  • 3 capacity level settings available
  • Suitable for up to 3 dwellings
  • Microprocessor controller for maximum user-friendliness
  • Storage capacity for 15kg of regeneration agents
  • Precision brine flow rate meter 
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